Why start a blog?

I have opinions, interests, hobbies, life experiences and lessons learned.

“You should start a blog!”

I’ve heard this more than a few times from friends and people I’ve connected with by striking up a conversation. Most people are surprised that I identify as an introvert, because I will speak to strangers with comfort and ease — as long as it’s a meaningful topic and a chance to connect, to learn from and appreciate another experience and perspective.

Being introverted is NOT about being shy.  That is a misconception. It is needing a connection to people that has substance, acceptance, comfort and most importantly, a time limit! We introverts need our alone time, our downtime, a chance to decompress and recover from outside stimuli. It can feel overwhelming, at times, to be social. It takes all kinds of mental prepping to attend events! Chit chat is not my forte. Stepping into a room full of people gives me acute anxiety; there is a palpable feeling, a buzzing in the room.  I feel everyone’s energy, mood or vibe as strongly as my own.  You see, I’m also an Empath.

From early childhood memories, I can tell you this has always been my temperament. When I was four years old, I wandered off from my mother in our local shopping mall. She was distracted by the sea of round clothing racks in search of what, I cannot recall, but to me it felt like being lost in a giant corn maze with no beginning or end. I just HAD to get out of there! This was the 80’s, a time when the world still seemed somewhat safe and helicopter parenting was not a ‘thing’ yet. At the time, I was more afraid of the giant clothing racks swallowing up my little twiggy body and the hyper-focused Sears shoppers looking like they’d fight you for the last, coveted sale item than fear of the great unknown that was just beyond the big glass doors. I needed to get out!

Wandering through the mall, looking for refuge I came upon a bench adorned with bodies. Friendly, wrinkled up faces with warm smiles. They knew I shouldn’t be alone at four years old and allowed me to sit with them and share my short life’s story. This was the beginning  of a lifelong fascination for me. Old people. I can’t say enough about our geriatric generation. Our octogenarians; my peeps.  They get it. They want to share their wisdom and I want to listen and learn. And, they enjoy silence just as much as I do! Tolerance for loud or obnoxious people, large or little, is minimal and takes great effort to endure politely.  All’s well that ends well and my mother eventually found me. Safe and sound, I had made an impression on my new found comrades and they on me.

“We knew she must have been lost”, one gentleman said.

“She had a lot to tell us!”

So it begins. My blog! This is a great outlet for my thoughts, my ideas and opinions. Will people care to read it? Is that the objective? I’m not sure.


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